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Welcome to the Dark Shadows information page! I put this together from a bunch of papers I had picked up at conventions over the years, so if any addresses are out of date, please let me know and I'll fix it ASAP.
Synchronize with the Dark Shadows Program Guide! Episodes 899 and 900 (Sci-Fi #676 and #677) aired on Friday 18 Apr 2003 on Sci-Fi. The Sci-Fi ScheduleBot extends approximately 2 months before and after the current date, and numbers the DS episodes in an inconsistent manner.
QuickCalendar 2003
August 29-31  Dark Shadows Festival at the Brooklyn Marriott (20th anniversary; last one!)
October 10  David Selby & Susan Sullivan: "Love Letters" in Martinsburg, West Virginia

DS News
(2003-09-23) David Selby will be presenting, Love Letters, at The Historic Apollo Theatre in Martinsburg, West Virginia with Susan Sullivan (Falcon Crest and Dharma & Greg), on Friday, October 10, 2003 at 8:00pm. Prior to the reading, a reception will be held at the Arts Centre. Tickets for the reading are $25.00 - general seating and $65.00 for the reserved seating and reception. To reserve tickets, please contact Shirley at The Historic Apollo Theatre at 304-263-6766 (Shirley is in her office Tuesday - Friday). Martinsburg, West Virginia is located in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, approximately 1.5 hours from Washington, DC and Baltimore,Maryland, 25 minutes south of Hagerstown, Maryland, and 25 minutes north of Winchester, Virginia. Easy access from Interstate 81 and Interstate 70.
(2003-04-25) This year's DS Festival will be the last (see official site). If you're into anime, this is the same weekend as the Big Apple Anime Fest.
(2002-07-08) Science Fiction Weekly #272 includes an interview with Dan Curtis.
(2001-12-15) Jonathan Frid performs "An Evening At The Mansion" at the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion in Norwalk, Connecticut, at 8:00pm on December 15, 2001.
(2001-09-29) Jonathan Frid performs "Fridiculousness" at the Crawfordsville H.S. Auditorium in Crawfordsville, Indiana, at 7:00pm on Saturday 29 September, 2001.
(2001-05-17) Sci-Fi channel: Episodes restart at #1.

Anaheim Festival photos!!! See DSF 2002 pictures (Friday's are up; Saturday and Sunday coming soon!)
Roger, at the Mausoleum:
Several of my incestors -- incestors?! -- my ancestors are buried here. [speaker-icon]
Chuckle at Judy's Top Ten lists, and learn valuable life lessons!
Here's the full-length theme -- [speaker-icon] (>500k).
TV Land has some good D.C. and DS info.
Did you ever read the story of Bunnicula, the vampire bunny? It starts out as a mystery, where a refrigerator is discovered to contain only white vegetables...
DS Sightings
Evening Magazine aired a segment about "San Francisco Bizarro" on 6/23/2K, playing the DS theme as they visited a graveyard...
Did you watch Touched by an Angel on 10/25/98? David Selby played a 19th-century character (again!) -- this time it was Abraham Lincoln. Same face, different nose. :-)
Have you seen the Fruitopia commercial? On Tuesday 25 June 1996, at 9:48pm on NBC during "Wings" time slot, I heard the Dark Shadows theme. I looked at the TV and saw a metal fork curling up by itself....oooooh!
Did you watch SNL (Saturday Night Live) on 1/20/96? Guest was Alec Baldwin, musical guest Tori Amos. The cast did a sketch called "Dense & Densibility" (for "Literary Theatre") which was enhanced by some rather familiar tunes! (Quentin's Theme and Josette's Music Box). Yipee!

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