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In the meantime, please use our site maps. (They're a little out of date, but are at least 80% correct.) Alternately, you can go to this site's main page or secondary page. Under construction: a site index.

Status Update:

2003-02-14: I'm trying to come up with a ranking system for search results. One idea is that for an OR search, the ratio of found to not-found terms is used.

Sample search query: -eggs +"binhex info" hqx 'fun'
Unary Truth Table:
- +   Behavior
0 0 0 Error: no search term
0 0 1 OR search: (example: foo bar baz)
multi match incr. relevance
0 1 0 AND search: (example: +foo +bar +baz)
1)Filter in
0 1 1 AND/OR search: (example: +foo bar baz)
1)Filter in; ORs increase relevance?
1 0 0 NOT search: (example: -foo -bar -baz)
1)Filter out
1 0 1 NOT/OR search: (example: -foo bar baz)
1)Filter out; 2)OR search; multi match incr. relevance
1 1 0 NOT/AND search: (example: -foo +bar +baz)
1)Filter out; 2)Filter in
1 1 1 NOT/AND/OR search: (example: -foo +bar baz)
1)Filter out; 2)Filter in; 3)ORs incr. relevance?

Unary operator "+" means AND search (MUST contain)
Unary operator "-" means NOT search (must NOT contain)
No unary operator means OR search (SHOULD contain)

Not supported:
Parentheses, escaping of quotes, nearby operator, wildcards.

Script Status

Parser: Done
Search Method: Undecided (either a keyword-based XML file with built-in weightings, or the raw HTML files; former would be faster and ranked but limited to known keywords while latter would be slow and unranked but not limited)
Results Page: Not yet done
Ranking: Undecided

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