DSF 2002 Pictures

Anaheim, California

Friday, 28 June

 Line to Disney Jim Pierson spreads it around. Disneyland tickets, that is.

Line to Disney Same thing.

 Line to Disney Same thing, reverse angle. Woohoo.

 Jim Pierson Close-up of Jim.
"What's your last name?"
"Of course. I'm still asleep."

 Kathy and Wendy Kathy and her daughter Wendy, whom I met walking from the hotel to Disneyland.

 Lorraine, Rozella, and Cheryl Somebody, Lorraine, Rozella, and Cheryl. Well, part of Cheryl.

 Marie Wallace Marie Wallace setting up her photography display.

 Registration line The registration line.

 Registration desk The registration desk, and the back of Ann's head.

 Registration desk The registration desk, and the side of Ann's head.

 Pam Jarman The face behind the name: Pam Jarman! :-D

 KLS Kathryn Leigh Scott setting up her publications display and being her usual radiant self. :-)

 Jim Pierson Jim opening the festivities.

 Jim Pierson So I zoomed in a little.

 Not Julia It's not Julia, just an amazing simulation. Like Beatlemania, only less musical.

 Not Barnabas with Julia It's not Barnabas, either, with not Julia.

 Not Barnabas with Julia Still not Barnabas and Julia.

 Not Barnabas with Julia I kept pushing the button on my camera...

 Not Barnabas with Julia ...just because I could.

 Not Barnabas with Julia Oops, I did it again.

 Not Barnabas with Julia OK, last time.

 KLS Ears KLS shows us her Minnie Mouse ears...

 KLS ears ...and wears them. What, no bunny ears? Well, these she loves.

 Marcy, KLS Marcy Robin takes a picture of KLS.

 John Karlen Stepping up to the mic is mister John Karlen!

 John Karlen Look at that grin. What is he thinking?

 John Karlen Getting up close to the audience.

 John Karlen That's it, Johnny, emote!

 John Karlen OK, make up your own caption.

 Marie Wallace Hey, it's Marie Wallace!

 Marie Wallace Someone gave her that scarf, so she has to wear it. Good thing it's not mohair.

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