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No information we receive about you will ever be shared with third parties.

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We pledge that our pages will scale to fit your browser window, whatever its size; that full functionality and content is available to you regardless of what [rfc1866-compliant] browser you are using; and that our navigation controls will always give you a sense of location.


This site contains links to other people's sites. Please understand that we have no control over other people's sites, and most of the other sites on the WWW do not care as much about you as we do. Hopefully this site will serve as a positive example for others to follow!


Most content on this site is created here, and is covered under U.S. copyright law. Unless another author is explicitly named, all text and graphics are copyright 1995-1998 by Walter Ian Kaye. The domain name "" was registered with InterNIC in August of 1995.

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This site is hosted by Best Internet, and runs on FreeBSD (a UNIX). All CGIs are custom written in Perl.

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