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Dark Shadows IRC Info

  The Place: UNDERNET
The Channel: #Dark_Shadows
   The Date: Tuesdays and Saturdays (hey, hey, what have you got to lose?)
   The Time: 10:00 PM Eastern Time for both chats, til 12

Message from Tom Hermosilla

I'm hosting the chat on Tuesdays, and TRASK hosts the Saturday chat. We've had lots of fun discussing the upcoming festival, current storylines, favorite characters, trivia, and top 10 lists!

If you have an on-line service where you can see an IRC button, I believe all you need to do is click on that button. Most on-line services don't require you to enter in a server name or port number.
Once you get on, you'll see some messages about the server scroll by.
All you need to do is enter in /join #Dark_Shadows. All IRC commands start with a /. You should then "see" the room with some people "talking". Any text you enter in without the / is considered you talking. You will probably be asked somewhere along the line to enter in a nickname.

If you do need to enter in a server or a port, you can try us.undernet.org for the server, and port 6667. Anybody with an ISP (not an on-line service like AOL and GNN) will have to get their own client and enter in the server and port number and a few other options.

I will be holding the chat on the UNDERNET. I tried chat on DALNET and did not have even a single participant from 8:45 til 12 midnight EST. So I think we are stuck with the UNDERNET, and we'll just have to put up with netsplits and lag and some occasional problems connecting. Maybe some people can't get to DALNET?

For those who are new, here's the UNDERNET info I posted previously:

Here is some IRC info for you. You should use the server closest to you. I'm sorry I don't have any servers other than U.S. and Canadian listed. Please try http://servers.undernet.org/server-list.html if you need a more comprehensive list of servers. Another great site is http://www.undernet.org which has a whole bunch of info regarding the undernet.

My nickname on the UNDERNET will be Barnabas, unless the person I share it with shows up, in which event I'll be Barnabas_.

I have submitted an application to cservice. After it is approved (which may take a few more weeks), they will put a bot there (called either X or W), which will keep the room open even when no "humans" are around. So people can stop by and chat whenever they like. My favorite server at the moment is sanDiego.ca.us.undernet.org, port 6660, but you can also try us.undernet.org, port 6667.

We look forward to having you join us!


IRC Software

Windows clients

If you are in search of Windows clients, I believe the tucows site has an extensive list.

MacOS clients

available at Info-Mac mirrors around the world, or the Web: ******To get to the UNDERNET here's a list of the servers:
 All servers on port number 6667 unless otherwise noted
 last update: 16 Mar 95        Ranger!lifeguard@psu.edu

 Server Name                    IP Address        Location          Notes
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=             =-=-=-=-=         -=-=-=-=-=        -=-=-
 austin.tx.us.undernet.org     Texas
 milwaukee.wi.us.undernet.org     Wisconsin
 pittsburgh.pa.us.undernet.org    Pennsylvania
 sanjose.ca.us.undernet.org      California
 washington.dc.us.undernet.org    Washington, DC

 montreal.qu.ca.undernet.org      Quebec, Canada

More servers:

United States:
albany.ny.us.undernet.org      New York
boston.ma.us.undernet.org      Massachusetts
davis.ca.us.undernet.org       California
manhattan.ks.us.undernet.org      Kansas
norman.ok.us.undernet.org      Oklahoma
pasadena.ca.us.undernet.org      California
rochester.mi.us.undernet.org    Michigan
stgeorge.ut.us.undernet.org       Utah
tampa.fl.us.undernet.org     Florida

toronto.on.ca.undernet.org       Ontario

More IRC Info on the Internet

NOTE: Some very useful information about IRC and IRC Undernet including the servers and telnet sites available can be found on the World Wide Web, Usenet answers groups and via ftp (Highly recommended is the IRC Primer, and either IRC or IRC Undernet FAQ lists to new IRC users!!!):

World Wide Web

(includes telnet sites, all FAQ's, and IRC Primer)

Usenet groups

where the IRC FAQ and IRC Undernet FAQ are regularly posted

Anonymous ftp sites


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