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Walter Ian Kaye
2043A Pine Street
San Francisco, CA 94115-2827
(415) 929-9778, (650) 938-6426

walter [at] natural-innovations [dot] com

 Web Developer    Mac Scripter
  • 9 years HTML (2.0-4.0)
  • 8 years Perl/CGI/Unix
  • Focus/Philosophy:
    • visitor-centric respect
    • easy site navigation
    • scalable-width pages
    • hand-coded tables
    • HTML doctor
  • Software:
    • Apache (1.3)
    • Unix (BSD)
  • Web Browsers:
    • Lynx (2.4-2.8)
    • Netscape (0.9-7.0)
    • Opera (5.0-6.0)
    • MSIE (3.0-5.2)
    • Safari
  • 15 years Mac OS [X] (4.2-10.2)
  • 10 years AppleScript (1.0-1.8)
  • 8 years DIRC (ProTERM 1.0-1.5)
  • Software:
    • Script Editor (1.0-1.8)
    • Script Debugger (3.0)
    • FaceSpan (1.0-4.0)
    • BBEdit (4.0-6.5)
    • Tex-Edit Plus (2.0-4.5)
    • Word (3.0-X)
    • ResEdit (1.2-2.1)
    • Color-It (2.3-4.0)
    • GraphicConverter (2.0-4.6)
• A web page is a form of customer service; all visitors should be treated with respect, regardless of what browser they are using or how wide their window is.
• Non-paying visitors are just as important as paying visitors.
• Usability is more important than "marketing effectiveness."
• Content is king.
• Less is more; avoid clutter; whitespace is your friend.
Other Skills:
Double-entry bookkeeping/accounting, Electronic engineering, Graphic Arts, Music, Culinary, English and Math (99th percentile SAT scores).

Programmer/Analyst, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Menlo Park, CA
Company field: scientific research into the nature of matter and energy, funded by the U.S. DOE.
Writing Perl scripts for the Unix Web server (both in the shell and for CGIs) to facilitate the sharing of data with the global scientific community, maintenance of FileMaker databases and AppleScript scripts, and providing Macintosh support for the Technical Publications department.
• Created several CGI scripts which SLAC continuously relies upon.
• Created an automated announcement system, including modules for conferences and classified ads, for the SLAC Web.
• Created FileMaker Web-based (intranet) document registration system (idoc).
• Wrote script to generate and populate SGML form 241.1 for the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), assisting SLAC in completing DOE's goal to transition to electronic scientific/technical reporting three years ahead of schedule.
• Provided HTML expertise (table creation, troubleshooting) and MS Excel spreadsheet programming services to coworkers.
(1995-1997: Developed and other software.)
Excel Programmer, Vital Computer Services, New York, NY
Client: American Express - Travel Related Services.
Co-created Excel program which processes financial data from a variety of input sources to generate MIS financial reports. This program, SE/CM, is now used at nineteen Amex locations worldwide.
E.W. Williams Publications, Fort Lee, NJ
Implemented complete change in production method of two national and international trade magazines. Trained editors and production managers on PageMaker, QuarkXPress, and Word, so that layout, which was previously done by manual paste-up, is now done entirely on computer, with disks sent to the printer, thereby saving thousands of dollars with every issue. Wrote Excel macros for Finance Dept. Developed FoxPro database for mailing list.
Control Data Institute, 4 Penn Center Plaza, Philadelphia, PA
Office Technology course, majoring in microcomputers.
American Business Institute, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY
Graduated with a Certificate of Business Administration.
Certificate of Achievement in Accounting.
Online Community:
Active on various mailing lists (search the Web on my full name).

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