American Express

TRS Company, Inc.

About SE/CM

This is the splash screen and about box from SE/CM 1.0, written in 1994 using Excel 4.0. (SE = Service Establishment, CM = CardMember.)

The blue Amex logo came from a FoxPro program (I don't know who drew that); the font for the text to its right was not available so I tweaked the pixels of a similar font using the TRS letterhead as a guide, added the rest of the text, made the 3D shading, and antialiased the bold text.

I put an Easter Egg in the about box: the OK button (not shown here) would say "Thanks!" in whatever language was appropriate for the market where reports were being run, so the Brazilian Amex offices would see "Obrigado!" while in Belgium they'd see "Merci!"

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