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acta-hig-dialogs.sit [up] Acta HIG Dialogs
This is a ResEdit file containing replacement ALRT/DITL/DLOG resources for Acta Classic 1.0, to give it dialog boxes whose button placement is much more compatible with Apple's current interface specs.

bbe-ftp-open-113.sit [up] BBE FTP Open 1.1.3
BBE FTP Open facilitates the editing of remote files via FTP in BBEdit, with support for multiple files per account, multiple accounts per host and even multiple hosts! This is accomplished by storing the lists of files and hosts in a special relational database. Multiple files may be opened simultaneously.
New in 1.1.2: Added support BBEdit 6.0 and Fetch 4.0.
Version 1.1.3 fixes a scripting anomaly with BBEdit 6.0[.2].
Requires AppleScript 1.1, MacOS 7.5, the GTQ Lib 1.2 scripting additions (or OS 8.5), BBEdit 4.0.1 or later, and either Interarchy, Fetch, or NetFinder.

bbe-ftp-open-123.dmg.gz [up] BBE FTP Open 1.2.3
BBE FTP Open facilitates the editing of remote files via FTP in BBEdit, with support for multiple files per account, multiple accounts per host and even multiple hosts! This is accomplished by storing the lists of files and hosts in a special relational database. Multiple files may be opened simultaneously.
New in 1.2: Updated for OS X, added preliminary support for osXigen, and better handling of FTP helper launching.
Version 1.2.1 fixes a path to preferences problem.
Version 1.2.2 really fixes it, and includes an improved ReadMe.
Version 1.2.3 fixes a stupid bug introduced in 1.2.2 (oy!).
Requires Mac OS X 10.2 (possibly 10.1; osXigen 2.x requires 10.2), BBEdit 6.5.3 or later, and either Interarchy, Fetch, NetFinder, or osXigen.

binhex.exe [up] PC BinHex 1.3
A binhex (.hqx) encoder/decoder for DOS. If you use Windows 3.1 or later, get StuffIt Expander for easier decoding.

browser-load-reload-102.sit [up] PC BinHex 1.3
An AppleScript for Tex-Edit Plus, allowing you to load and reload an HTML document in your browser without leaving the editor.
New in 1.0.1: OS 8 compatible.
New in 1.0.2: Support for MacLynx.
Requires AppleScript 1.1, MacOS 7.5, and the Encode URL scripting addition.

clip-namer-104.sit [up] ClipNamer 1.0.4
ClipNamer is a stay-open AppleScript applet that watches your desktop for the appearance of any file whose name contains the word "clipping". When such a file appears, you will be prompted for a filename. ClipNamer will then rename the file on the desktop, and all this occurs without you ever having to leave the current application! (Why didn't Apple think of this?)
Changes since 1.0: Now auto-hides itself upon launch, checks for invalid filename, and tries to work around an occasional Apple event timeout problem.
New in 1.0.3: Fixed problem where the name of the frontmost application would sometimes be returned as an empty string (resulting in a "Where is ?" dialog).
New in 1.0.4: Ten-minute timeout added for rename dialog, dialog is preceded by a beep, and an appropriate folder icon is included.
Requires AppleScript 1.1 and MacOS 7.5/7.6 or 8.5 (8.0/8.1 had a memory leak in Finder).

clippings-CSOm.sit [up] Clippings Droplet Info
Due to popular AppleScripters' request for this info, here is a Eudora mailbox containing messages from the MacScrpt mailing list about how to read Finder clippings files dragged onto an AppleScript droplet. BTW, the file types for known clippings (which I gleaned from the Clipping Extension) are as follows:

  clpp = 'PICT' clipping
  clpt = 'TEXT' clipping (with or without styl)
  clps = 'snd ' clipping

drive-icon-reposition-123.sit [up] Drive Icon Reposition 1.2.3
Drive Icon Reposition will gather your volume icons (in mounted order) and push them neatly into the upper-right corner of the screen. If you have icons less than 32 pixels high, the extra space will be compacted (i.e., the distance from the bottom of one icon to the top of the next will be uniform). Preferences are settable (via included Config script) for vertical grid (normally 52), top margin, and right margin; for icon wrapping there are two additional prefs, wrap-after (pixels from top of screen) and horizontal grid.
Changes since 1.2: Should now be compatible with the MacOS 8.0 and 8.1 Finder. Also fixed a couple of problems related to the prefs file, and updated the documentation.
Requires AppleScript 1.1, MacOS 7.5, and the Programmer's Tool and Jon's Commands scripting additions. ReadMe file looks best in Tex-Edit Plus 1.5 or newer. Freeware!

ds-faq-109.txt [up] Dark Shadows FAQ 1.09
Updated March 15, 1996.

ds-faq-109.sit [up] Dark Shadows FAQ 1.09, stuffed.
Use StuffIt Expander for Windows or Macintosh to decode, or UnStuff/PC for DOS.

encode-url.sit [up] Encode URL
This AppleScript scripting addition (osax) URL-encodes a string of text.

espy-ctrl.sit [up] Espy Sans Bold 10, with controls
The control characters ^P thru ^T (ASCII #16-#20; hex $10-$14) were strangely missing from Espy Sans Bold 10, so I used ResEdit to add them. Now I finally get diamonds in my Now Menus (which I have set to use Espy Sans Bold 10). Just replace the font file of the same name from the eworld-fonts.sit file (see below) with this one, and voilà, your Espy'd Now menus will be improved.

eudora-switcher-11.sit [up] Eudora Switcher 1.1
Do you have more than one POP account? Do you have AppleScript 1.1 and the Scriptable Finder (part of System 7.5)? If so, you may benefit from Eudora Switcher. I wrote this to manage my different settings files, and I'm pleased with the result. <g> New in 1.1: Now much smarter about launching and quitting, and also checks to see that the correct application file (Eudora) has been chosen (if invalid, you get an informative alert box). Requires AppleScript 1.1, MacOS 7.5, and the Jon's Commands and GTQ Lib 1.2 scripting additions. ReadMe file looks best in Tex-Edit Plus 1.5 or newer. Freeware!

eworld-fonts.sit [up] eWorld Fonts
From the eWorld disk, here are Espy Sans and Espy Sans Bold in 9-, 10-, and 12-pt sizes. This is the font used in Newton and was slated to be the system font in Copland MacOS 8.0 (Espy Sans Bold 10, to be exact). I design all my FaceSpan, ProTERM, and FoxPro screens with this font, and the PageStream 3.0 page layout program uses this font too. It was designed for easy readability on computer screens, is more space-efficient than Chicago, and looks much nicer than Geneva!

excel4-copy-special.sit [up] CopySpecial 1.1.1, for Excel 4.0
Persistent copy of cell range, optionally column widths and row heights.

excel4-rgb-calc.hqx [up] RGB-Calc 1.0, for Excel 4.0
Converts color picker values into hexadecimal RGB codes for Netscape, etc. Use StuffIt Expander for Windows or Macintosh to decode.

expander-launcher-10.sit [up] ExpanderLauncher 1.0
This applet will, in the absence of StuffIt Lite/Deluxe, redirect double-clicked StuffIt archives to StuffIt Expander for processing. Preferences can be set by launching ExpanderLauncher directly; choices are whether to activate Expander before processing, and whether to quit Expander afterwards.
Inspired by a question from Paul Griffith on GEnie's Mac RT bulletin board.
Requires AppleScript 1.1, MacOS 7.5, and absence of StuffIt Lite/Deluxe.

gtq-scripting-lib-121.sit [up] GTQ Scripting Library 1.2.1
This is a set of 68 scripting additions for AppleScript. Version 1.2.1 contains three new additions: Delete Resource, Kill Resource Fork, and Extract AP Photo Header.

hide-any-apps-102.sit [up] HideAnyApps 1.0.2
This compiled script displays a list of all visible processes, from which you can select multiple applications and desk accessories to hide.
Version 1.0.2 fixes the bogus "Where is ...?" dialog (oops!).
Requires AppleScript 1.1, MacOS 7.5, and the GTQ Lib 1.2 scripting addition.

ibm-fonts.sit [up] 1.0.1
Monospace Mac fonts with a DOS (cp437) character set.
Includes Enclave 9 (plain and bold, 11pt leading) and IBMac 12 (14pt leading)

idle-time-init.sit [up] IdleTime INIT 1.0
This extension installs an 'idle' Gestalt selector, which returns the number of ticks since the last user action. Freeware by UserLand Software.

inline-osax-10d3.sit [up] Inline osax 1.0d3
This scripting addition allows 68K assembly to be called inline from AppleScript.

inversion-screen-saver-101.sit [up] Inversion Screen Saver 1.0.1
ISS is a scriptable, low-overhead screen saver, although it can be configured to launch any file instead. It uses some off-the-shelf freeware (IdleTime INIT by Userland Software, and Inversion FKEY by Andrew Welch) and shareware (OtherMenu by JWWalker, $10) to accomplish its task. Preferences are saved across sessions (idle time before activation plus location of the FKEY file to run), and those settings can be read or written remotely via AppleScript.
Requires AppleScript 1.1, MacOS 7.5, IdleTime INIT, and OtherMenu.

jons-commands-205.sit [up] Jon's Commands 2.0.5
This is a must-have scripting addition for AppleScript.

menubar-mouse-rebound-10.dmg.gz [up] Menubar Mouse Rebounder 1.0
Menubar Mouse Rebounder is an AppleScript script which pops the mouse cursor up to the menubar and clicks the menu; or if the cursor is already in the menubar, returns it to its previous position.
Requires Mac OS X 10.2, Extra Suites, and FastScripts.

message-alias-10.sit [up] Message Alias 1.0, for Eudora
Message Alias is a pair of scripts for Eudora, to allow cross-referencing (aliasing) of messages without duplicating their contents. The alias is in the form of a new message containing a special 'eums' URL, for which one of these scripts acts as a helper app.
Requires Mac OS 7.5, the Programmer's Tool, Tanaka's osax 2.0, and a way to run script documents (such as OtherMenu).

message-alias-11.dmg.gz [up] Message Alias 1.1, for Eudora
Message Alias is a pair of scripts for Eudora, to allow cross-referencing (aliasing) of messages without duplicating their contents. The alias is in the form of a new message containing a special 'eums' URL, for which one of these scripts acts as a helper app.
New in 1.1: Updated for OS X.
Requires Mac OS X (and Eudora).

mst3k-chime.sit [up] MST3K chimes, for Mac and Windows!
If you have a computer clock that can chime, and you like the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 theme music, the 4 sounds in this archive might be a hoot! These sounds were recorded from live guitar: mst-E7, mst-15, mst-30, and mst-45. Both Macintosh System 7 and Windows .WAV format files are included in this package, so one file fits all <G>. Use StuffIt Expander for Windows or Macintosh to decode.

other-menu-icons.sit [up] OtherMenu Icons
Alternate icons for OtherMenu 1.8.4
I was bored by OtherMenu's "asterisk" icon, so I created my own set of icons for OtherMenu and its related files. The menu icon is an open apple sitting atop a downward-pointing triangle. Looks better than a sphincter muscle, IMNSHO! ;-)
You will need ResEdit for the full install; however, a minimal install can easily be done via the Finder.
Bonus: ResEdit-ized versions of the Resorcerer TMPLs (all nine, plus two nostalgic ones).

pet-rock-init-20.hqx [up] Pet Rock 2.0
What costs less than a nickel, never argues, cleans up after itself, and eats only a few bytes per month? That's right, Pet Rock for Macintosh! This little extension will keep you company, and will make your computer as solid as a rock or your money back (now you see why it costs less than a nickel).
If you install only one new INIT this year, let it be Pet Rock. :-)

popcat203.zip [up] PopCat-URL.cgi 2.0.3
PopCat-URL is a Perl CGI for Web pages. It is the code behind my popup (aka "dropdown") navigation menus, which are modeled after the ones found in Open/Save directory dialogs. I wrote this after deciding that the usual Home/Prev/Next buttons did nothing to indicate a person's location within a web site, so I took a cue from MacOS and set about making my site a place where visitors would always have a sense of position and never get lost. See example at bottom of this page!
New in version 2.0: Now logs usage to "popcat.log" file.
Changes since 2.0: Added 'defensive coding' to ensure that remote sites do not write to our log file (sheesh), and improved error checking & display.

programmers-tool-10a5.sit [up] Programmer's Tool 1.0a5
This scripting addition allows datatype coercions beyond what AppleScript normally allows. ResEdit templates are supported for custom coercions.

proterm-demo-101.sit [up] ProTERM 1.0 Demo
ProTERM is the fastest comm program for the Macintosh; supports both TCP/IP (for telnet) and dialup connections; VT-102, full PC-ANSI (16-color, blinking , etc), and other emulations; scrollback remembers attributes and can be saved to disk; built-in multiwindow text editor; powerful, extensible, C-like scripting language; and much much more. ProTERM is available direct from InTrec Software for $80.
This demo version allows you to try most ProTERM features. However, many features are deliberately limited in functionality. For example, the demo version does not save or print; and it limits editor documents to 8000 chars and scrollback to about 2-3 screenfuls (these are normally limited only by available application memory).
Note: ProTERM 1.2.5 is available now -- fully-functional 30-day evaluation copy can be downloaded from the InTrec web site! (98.03.25)

pt-ansi-font-8-1022.hqx [up] for ProTERM/Mac 1.0
ProTERM Mac resource file, for a more realistic PC-ANSI emulation.
Note: ProTERM 1.2 contains a newer version (1201) of this file.

pt-extension-mapper-102.sit [up] Extension Mapper 1.0, for ProTERM/Mac 1.0
After a file is downloaded, this add-in checks its filename extension against a database of mappings and automatically sets the appropriate type/creator codes. Mappings are flexible and easily configured! Your copy of ProTERM must be updated to 1035 (see below). Version 1.0.2 fixes a problem where the type/creator would get truncated if it contained a space character, and now also knows how to force the Finder to update its info.
Note: ProTERM 1.2 contains a newer version (1.1) of this file.

pt-gif-bounds-11.sit [up] GIF Bounds 1.1, for ProTERM/Mac 1.2
GIF Bounds scans a specified folder for GIF files matching a given name-pattern, and then generates a report showing filename, image width, image height, and optionally width and/or height deltas to a given size (the deltas are useful if you want to fit two images into a given space, and need to determine what size the second image would be). The dialog provides several options, and all options are automatically saved to a preferences file.
New in 1.1: Date filtering!
Requires Resident User Hex 1.2.2, Resident User PrefsLib 1.0, and Resident User Text 1.0.1.

pt-res-d_keys-10.sit [up] Resident User D_Keys 1.0, for ProTERM/Mac 1.2
Resident User D_Keys enables Esc and Command+. in custom dialogs.

pt-res-hex-123.sit [up] Resident User Hex 1.2.3, for ProTERM/Mac 1.2
Resident User Hex includes the following functions: IS_ODD(), CHOOSE(), IIF(), hch2num(), hex2asc(), asc2hex(), hex2int(), asc2int(), int2asc(), int2hex(), SYS_GESTALT(), BIT_GET(), SCALE(), SBYT(), SWRD(), UBYT(), UWRD(), STA_CREATE(), STA_UPDATE(). The last two function are for creating and updating a progress-bar window -- they didn't fit in any other category, so I stuck them in this one. Same reasoning goes for CHOOSE() and IIF()... (I just can't bring myself to name a library 'Misc'!)

pt-res-prefslib-101.sit [up] Resident User PrefsLib 1.0.1, for ProTERM/Mac 1.2
Resident User PrefsLib contains functions for reading and writing preference files of the key=value type. Tip: use in conjunction with the CRYP() and DECRYP() functions in Resident User Text to store passwords (see PrefEdit's readme for an example).

pt-res-text-103.sit [up] Resident User Text 1.0.3, for ProTERM/Mac 1.2

pt-prefedit-101.sit [up] PrefEdit 1.0.1, for ProTERM/Mac 1.2
PrefEdit is a GUI editor for the preference files created by SET_PRFSTR() (part of my "Resident User PrefsLib" library). Of course, these files don't normally need an editor, but if one of the values has been encrypted (via the CRYP() function in my "Resident User Text" library) that would make manual editing a bit difficult. And so I whipped up this little ditty. :-)
Requires Resident User PrefsLib 1.0.1 and Resident User Text 1.0.2.

pt-seven-to-eight-15.sit [up] Seven2Eight 1.5, for ProTERM/Mac
This ProTERM macro lets you turn on the "high-bit" for a character selected in an edit or terminal/review window. If you've got a document which had its high bit stripped resulting in "Please Q donUt " where it should really say "Please - don't ", this add-in will let you fix the characters (usually in the range Q-U, but could be others too, like a % which might really be a bullet character). Just drop this file into your PT Resources folder and [re]launch ProTERM. You will have a new menu item "Tools:Additions:Seven2Eight". :-) New in version 1.5: Support for Windows and DOS (cp-437) character sets! Also now you get a choice whether to replace the selection (only in an edit window) or just display the new character (edit/term/revw windows). Check it out! :-D

pt-update-1033.hqx [up] ProTERM Mac Update 1033 (for v1.0.x)
This archive contains an assortment of updated ProTERM resource files. The highlights are PT Update 1033 (fixes some minor problems, such as the problem with STR_MID() which caused it to act weird if the length argument was omitted) and the new "partitioned resident macros" which divides the resident macros into multiple files for easy maintenance and future updates.
You can determine whether you need this archive/update by looking in your Macros folder for the file Resident User 1. If you do not have this file, then you need this archive.
Note: ProTERM 1.2.5 is available now -- fully-functional 30-day evaluation copy can be downloaded from the InTrec web site! Free upgrade from version 1.0. (98.03.25)

pt-1033-to-1035.sit [up] ProTERM Mac Update 1035 (for v1.0.x)
This is version 1035 of the general update file for ProTERM Mac. It adds an additional macro function which was not present in version 1033. To install this module, download it and drag it into the PT Resources folder. Remove any old PT Update files. Note: this archive requires that you have previously installed the 1033 update (see above).
Note: ProTERM 1.2.5 is available now -- fully-functional 30-day evaluation copy can be downloaded from the InTrec web site! Free upgrade from version 1.0. (98.03.25)

pt-wik-macro-ref-094.sit [up] WIK Macro Reference 0.94, for ProTERM/Mac 1.2
This file contains the documentation for my ProTERM 1.2 library functions.

ram-salvage-06.sit [up] RamSalvage 0.6
Note: This is pre-release software. It's not pretty, but it works!
If your Mac gets a system error and drops you into MacsBug, it is possible to recover any unsaved text from RAM (assuming the filesystem wasn't trashed). This program will help you recover it. You must be unafraid of MacsBug and command lines and counting in hexadecimal. Compatible with MacOS 6.0.x to 7.5.

resume-wik-2004-01.pdf [up]
This is my current résumé in PDF format, viewable/printable in Mac OS X or Adobe Acrobat/Reader.

resume-wik-ps.zip [up]
This is my old résumé from 1997, ready for downloading to any PostScript printer (after unzipping, that is!).

safari-width-10.sitx [up] Safari Width
Safari Width is a script which lets you easily see and change the width of the frontmost Safari window. It displays a list of screen widths from 160 to 1600, including the current window's width (which is already sorted and highlighted in the list) and an <Other...> item in case the list isn't long enough for you. ;)
Known limitations:

Great for Web developers.
Requires Mac OS X and Safari.

set-datetime-osas.sit [up]
This compiled AppleScript (Script Editor 'osas' document) contains a SetDateTime() function for setting the Macintosh clock. It requires two of Ed Lai's osaxen>, the Programmer's Tool and the inline osax. Note: if you are on a network you should consider the security issues of installing the inline osax, since it allows low-level access to the system. (This shouldn't be a problem if you are embedding it into a FaceSpan app, since it would then only be directly accessible from that app.)

shlb-cfmg-icons.sit [up] Color icons for CFM library files
Generic icons got ya down? These files will brighten up your Extensions folder by endowing your shared library files with real icons! To see if you have any of these libraries, use Find File to search for type 'shlb'. Shared library files are of two types: ASLM (Apple Shared Library Manager, the "old" way) and CFM (Code Fragment Manager, the new way). Since CFM is in ROM on the Power Macs, there are no parent files with icons. These icon files remedy that situation! They are free, of course. :)

stuff-namer-101.sit [up] StuffNamer
StuffNamer brings an intelligent MagicMenu-like functionality to the Finder. If you've ever dropped multiple files onto DropStuff, you know the only name it generates is "Archive.sit" -- not exactly ideal. StuffNamer looks at the names of all the files you've selected for stuffing, and calculates an archive filename based on that information. It then proceeds to call the StuffIt Engine, and creates an archive with the auto-generated filename. To indicate that multiple items are in the archive, the filename stem (the part before the .sit extension) gets a suffix. The default suffix is "+...+" although you can change StuffNamer's preferences so that it will use a different suffix (Jon's Commands must reside in your Scripting Additions folder in order to get to the preferences dialog).
Changes since 1.0: Fixed -37 error due to overly-long filename, keep ":" out of suffix, and allow use of Control key instead of Option key to invoke preferences dialog. Also added a "Future Plans" section to the readme file. :-)
Requires AppleScript 1.1, MacOS 7.5, and StuffIt Commands.

swapfile-watcher-10.sitx [up] Swapfile Watcher
Swapfile Watcher is an application which monitors the number of virtual memory swap files on your machine. When the file count increases, the application puts up a dialog to notify you, writes the information to a log file, and then hides itself.
Requires Mac OS X.

unsitins.exe [up] UnStuff/PC 1.1 installer, for DOS
Decodes Macintosh StuffIt (.sit) archives up through version 3.5, including those in MacBinary format. This program supersedes the very old unsit30 which only grokked StuffIt 1.5.1 archives. If you use Windows 3.1 or later, get StuffIt Expander instead.

unstyle-clipboard-10.sit [up] Unstyle Clipboard 1.0
Unstyle Clipboard converts styled text to plain text, in preparation for pasting into Email messages, FileMaker text fields, etc.
Requires AppleScript 1.1, MacOS 7.5, the Programmer's Tool scripting addition, and either MacOS 8.5 or the Jon's Commands scripting addition.

windowshade-tmpl.sit [up] WindowShade TMPL
If you used WindowShade 1.2 before upgrading to System 7.5 and used the single-click setting, this ResEdit template may come in handy. The control panel in System 7.5 lacks the radio button for single clicks, yet the option is still supported. If you accidentally used the control panel interface and "lost" the option, this will let you restore single clicks.

www-clut-10.sit and www-clut-20.sit [up] WWW Color Set (clut/Palette)
Here is a color palette ('clut' resource in a Color It! "Color Set" file) containing the 216 (6x6x6) dither-free colors to use in images destined for viewing via Web browsers. I've arranged the colors in sections, with shade progressions in the upper-left, hue progressions in the upper-right, and the remaining colors carefully dispersed in "rainbow" order. Here are screen shots of versions 1 and 2.
Of interest to techies: I actually generated the original hexadecimal data for the 'clut' resource via a macro I wrote in ProTERM (a telecom program with a wonderful scripting language). I then copied the data into ResEdit, where I could use ResEdit's 'clut' editor to copy/paste the colors (heh, this would be a great place for Apple to implement drag and drop...). The editor is vastly better than ColorIt's modal dialog. ResEdit's editor even let me specify the distance the spinner jumps (13107 in this case) when clicking the up or down arrow, which was vital for getting this thing done. Yeah!
BTW, I also wrote a "SCALE()" function in ProTERM, which can do things like convert a 0-65535 number into a $00-$FF number -- also useful for Web work. (Several of my function libraries ship with ProTERM 1.2.)

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