This Registry is designed for archive managers who want to make their archives searchable by SHAREWARE.COM. SHAREWARE.COM uses the Virtual Software Library (VSL) search engine for its searching and browsing features. To become searchable by SHAREWARE.COM just complete the following VSL registration form.

SHAREWARE.COM and the VSL do not store actual files. The are based on indexes of internet FTP sites. If you have a product which is not on an FTP site, you should contact one of the existing archives which accepts public uploads. Once your file is uploaded to an existing VSL archive, it will be automatically included into the VSL.

Once you have submitted the following information we will respond via e-mail to the Administrator's e-mail address to confirm your e-mail address, and verify that we received your archive information correctly. We will then process your application. This may take some time, so please be patient. We will contact you again via e-mail when we have completed the index of your archive.

contact info
Company Name

Administrator Name

Administrator E-mail Address

Administrator Phone Number

FTP site info
Domain Name

Path to Archive Root

Supported Platforms
Win3 Win95 WinNT

product info
List the primary files which you would like us to index. Include a brief description and a pathname to the file on your FTP site.
product path name
Fill in the full pathname including the literal file name on your FTP server.
product title
Please provide the full title for each product.
product description
Please provide a brief description for each product.

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