Click on a category in the top frame, and the table will appear in this one.

I am developing a CGI in Perl, which will supercharge this page like you've never seen -- it will even let you choose what fonts to use for command syntax, as well as generate pages under Lynx (I guess Lynx and fonts are mutually exclusive, but my osax.cgi will do it all...). It's gonna be kewl!

I'm also reworking the category pages themselves -- they will probably have just 3 columns (command, filename, author); the commands will hyperlink to osax.cgi to generate custom-styled syntax pages (using templates which I am also developing), and the filenames will hyperlink to version/source/price info pages. I think this initial frame that you're reading now will contain the style entry form, which will then generate a new top frame where the category links will have the style info pre-embedded. Or something like that; I'm still working out the details. Here's a preview.

Geekily ambitious, eh? :-)